We are a group of Cracow University of Technology students who love motorsports and desire to
create something.
The idea of building a bolide was born some time ago during writing graduation works by members
of our team. Shortly afterwards the idea transformed into a desire of taking part in international
competition – Formula Student.
Our team is distinguished by innovation, following world’s automotive tendency (which is
development of an electrical vehicles) and using modern solutions. That is why we decided to create
first electrical bolide in Poland. As students of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering we are experienced
in building sports vehicles but also in exploiting ecological solutions. Now it is high time to connect
those experiences!


International, prestigious, engineering competition directed to Technical Universities students. Event
is held every single year in various European countries: UK, Spain, Germany, Austria, Hungary.
Competition doesn’t remind Formula 1 races. It consist of static and dynamic contention and apart
from racing the technical part is equally important.